Hi Bob, great article. I needed to hear that because I may not have ever considered reframing my perspective of people I've known from the past. Valuable advice!

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Yes, very fortunate indeed! Everyone should have a Melissa to support them as u did. Fantastic that she was able to help u support your book & give another perspective to other people who were supporting their loved ones who were experiencing depression. So happy for the both of u! To hear about a marriage with ups & downs & yet endures & lasts…. I admire u both immensely! 💜

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WOW Bob- u went through a lot!!! I’m so happy for u that u persevered, & recovered ( not sure if that is that right word) from it. So sorry it took so many years for u to find what worked. I would love to read your book, is it still being printed? If so, what is the name of it? Glad u overcame this difficult time, & happy u have Melissa by your side. She sounds like a wonderful person who loves u unconditionally!

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There’s something so genuine, sincere, and pure about your writing. It’s very much appreciated.

I can relate to the stigma that surrounds mental illness, as well as the hurtful comments made by those in ignorance. I have an anxiety disorder. Prior to my diagnosis or proper treatment, I was in an incredibly dark and hopeless state. I had family members telling me to “stop being so lazy,” or “just relax.” I had one “friend” tell another that it was impossible to understand how it could be so hard for me to just do what everyone else did. Although those times were hard, and sometimes I still encounter struggles with anxiety, I can honestly say that it made me a kinder, more resilient person.

It’s funny how everyone interprets life through their own lens. It was a concept that I learned as I grew up. Still, it’s hard to imagine that everyone has an entirely different experience and universe going on in their mind.

I’m happy that you were able to get through those difficult moments. I’m happy you are here now continuing to inspire all of us! Moreover, thank you for reminding everyone that, “... if we talk about what is good in our lives, we tend to attract good events and circumstances in the future.”

💜 Much love,


P.S I’m sorry I wrote you an essay. LOL

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Hi Bob-

My comment isn’t so much about people changing or not but about depression itself. I’m sorry that those 5 years were tough on u & Melissa & I’m not sure what kind of help u got, but I’m happy that u were able to help yourself not matter how. I myself haven’t suffered w/ clinical depression & didn’t know much about it, until my sister in law began to suffer w/ it & anxiety about 4-5 years ago. It was so bad she had to take a leave from her job for quite a few months. Many days she found it quite difficult to get out of bed in the morning! Thankfully, w/ the help of a good therapist AND the correct meds( which she was very resistant to take in the beginning) she found her way back to herself - but it took time! I now know that when someone is suffering w/ depression & anxiety that there IS a chemical imbalance going on & just saying to someone, “snap out of it” is inexplicably the absolute wrong thing to say. I hope people will learn from your article & not make these silly judgments of which they know nothing about. U & Melissa did the right thing ( in my opinion) by not talking about it. I’m glad u recovered. Good for u Bob!

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About people changing…I have found that as people age they seem to become more like themselves…as though their basic personalities had “hardened”.

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Wow! Great article!! As a recovering alcoholic of almost 40 yrs I can certainly relate to the secrecy modality. However I have always been an open book & also heard early on that if I didn't mind having people see me make a fool of myself, why would I mind having them know that I was affording myself of the great gift of sobriety!!!

I'm sorry you had to go thru those yrs w/your Father & happy that yo did enjoy the benefit of his sobriety!!

I have learned that sobriety is the only disease we know of that we can keep ourselves in ongoing remission by simply by working a simple program!!

And thank goodness that depression is not the awful stigma it used to be & kados to you & Melissa for being strong enough to hold up together during those five yrs!!!

Them wealth of information you've shared over the yrs is beyond commendable!!! When my son died nearly eight yrs ago your book of "questions" as over & above a bible of sorts in helping me work through it! Thank you both for all that you do!!!!

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I've been sober for the last 10+ months. This is not the first time I've accomplished this. I say this because I have a very unforgiving relative over the issue of alcohol use. Your article helped me to understand my relative's unforgiveness toward me. As always, thank you, Bob.

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