Thanks, Bob! This was a great topic for Thanksgiving time. My step-daughter was visiting, and while politics and religion were discussed with impunity, after I brought up the topic of psychic investigation to my friends and my interest in pursuing it, I was severely chastised by her when we got home.

What do you think is the best thing I could try to attract for her to open her mind on this.

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So so so true. There are a LOT of people interested in the afterlife and death itself. I do what you do at times, go around the subject to feel them out, then go in for the kill! Haha! Too many people are afraid to admit it, and I must say, mostly men. Not sure why. My son is one of them. It scares him I think. Truth is, it exists...death, the afterlife, spirits. Run away or not.

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Hi Bob, I really enjoy your articles! This one really struck me. After I began getting signs from my son I was reluctant to share, fearing people would think I was crazy. At some point I didn’t care anymore, and began sharing. I was delighted that the more I shared the more people shared their own stories. ❤️

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Hi Bob-

This was a great article as all of them are. I always want to leave a comment, but sometimes can’t find the time. I related to this one very acutely I suppose because I lost my son almost 8 years ago. So, very much like u, when asked what u do for a living, I feel the same kind of dread when after meeting someone new, they ask how many children I have. To say one, ( to avoid conversation about his death) seems extremely disrespectful. So I usually say, two. One lives in ( and I name the town) & the other lives in heaven. The reactions are varied. Often after talking about how he passed, ( if they aren’t too afraid to discuss the subject) I usually follow with something like, he still finds a way to communicate with us or send messages! This invariably brings up the conversation of “afterlife”. I can usually tell in an instant if this was the a good idea or not. If the person isn’t really open, I shut down pretty quickly. I didn’t always though. I used to try to convince people about all I have learned & what I believe. I realize now, that this isn’t always a good idea, & so I stopped trying. Still, I feel I have made a believer out of some. I’m so glad that woman stopped to talk with u after the dinner party to tell u her experience. I love when that happens. Anyway Bob, wanted to mention that I was happy to hear u r bringing back your show Afterlife TV!!! Really excited! Happy Thanksgiving to you & Melissa. The very best to u always!

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Hi Bob:

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to not only share the investigative side of your work, but taking time to share your personal and life experiences with us too. That is invaluable, so thank you again.

There is so much to unpack with this article. I could relate to so much, but will focus on a few things that were especially personally meaningful.

1) You and Melissa. Oh my gosh, you have been together for so long. But not only that.....more importantly....you continue to love, grow and support each other through your journey together. Do you know if the two of you continue to partner with each other in different roles through your various incarnations? I think it's really beautiful how you both support each other in this lifetime and bring such beautiful information/experiences to share with us. I loved that you shared your precious book's cover - "Don't Be Afraid to Die" with us too. Who would have ever thought that all these years later it has become such an important part of your work. So beautiful.

2) Thank you also for sharing your dad's wise words to only participate in events that are personally meaningful to you. There is so much hurting and so many crises in the world, that if we tried to help everyone, we would be overwhelmed and drained so that we ourselves would essentially be left a shell with nothing left to give. I'm glad that he was able to impart that wisdom to you as a young man, to offer grace, so that you wouldn't feel the need to constantly give all of yourself to things that were not able to give back because there was no personal connection.

3) The dinner party and the unveiling of what you do for a living....wow...did this ever resonate! It reminded me of an instance in my own life that happened about 10 years ago when I was going through a divorce. My ex husband decided to tell all of my family that I was into tarot cards, reincarnation, etc. so that he could try to hurt me more because my family were all Christians and all thought that stuff was satanic. (For the record, the good news is that my ex husband and I have grown and put all of that stuff behind us and have healed that in our relationship, thank goodness). However, at the time, it really hurt because my family didn't understand and really thought I was going to hell by getting involved in this stuff and felt the need to tell me any chance they could. My brother even showed up at my house unexpectedly one day to tell me how much in error I was, being influenced by the devil and asked me how I could possibly turn away from the way we were raised. I remember grabbing stacks of books on the subject of past lives, astrology, psychic investigations, Budhism, Carl Jung, etc. off my table and handing them to him saying "with all due respect, I don't feel you are qualified to even have this conversation with me right now because you haven't done any investigation into these things. Please read these books and then we can have a discussion about things, because even if you disagree, at least I know you took the time to try to understand where I'm coming from." I will never forget his answer...he said "Leasa, I don't need to eat a sh*t sandwich to know that it tastes like "sh*t" and without any hesitation, I immediately responded "Brother....if I was concerned about you going to hell, I would be trying to understand so badly, that I would not only eat one sh*t sandwich....but would ask for second helpings as well!!!!" The conversation was over. Fast forward December 2021 and my dear brother passed away from COVID. Not long after, I visited a medium who did not know that my brother recently passed, but as soon as I walked in the room she started saying "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry...." and I asked "why are you sorry?" She said your brother is here and he said he just passed.... I said "yes, that is true..." she said some more personal things about him that validated it was definitely my brother. At one point in the conversation she said that he wanted me to know that he was truly sorry for being a jerk and giving me such a hard time about this stuff and that now he understands. I of course told him that I loved him and never held anything against him. It was just a really nice feeling to know that he finally understood why I was moving in the direction I was moving. Sometimes you really need that validation along the way....because when you break from the fold....it can be really scary and can get really messy. He now shows up almost always at readings that I go to and I am so glad that he is such a champion for me on the other side. So again thank you for your courage and for supporting all of us who also want to be courageous.

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Melissa, your family and all your readers. I am thankful for this community of support, love and healing. Thank you all.

In deep gratitude,


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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, and Melissa. I enjoy reading your internet articles especially because so many people are uncomfortable with these subjects and you face them straight on. It may be of interest to you, there’s s great TV program on Travel TV entitled,”Kindred Spirits” that I find very interesting. It’s not on all the time so you have to look for it. Try it.

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I again loved todays story. I have been reading and studying all

Of the things you share each week for many many years. I found your radio show years ago and loved it and purchased many more books that were recommended by your guests.

I feel I want to share so much you share with us about NDE’s & life after to everyone. Obviously I do not because I have been looked at like I have 3 heads. Lol.

But thank you thank you (perfect time of year for that as is every day) for your message on suicides and when we die and we most times leave our bodies at the time of our death. I can’t even begin to tell you the comfort hearing it again in a new way. So, you and Melissa have a blessed holiday and again thank you for the inspirations, the reflections, & the peace & joy I feel when reading them. Always. lin

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, Melissa and your family! Thanks for your articles - I always look forward to reading them!

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