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New Video and News!

Perspectives on relationships and bereavement, plus news about Afterlife TV.

Bob Olson is the host of Afterlife TV, author of two books, Answers About The Afterlife and The Magic Mala, and creator of the reputable directory of psychics and mediums,

Today, I’m posting a video about loss, which we’ll all experience if we live long enough. I know that most of my audience knows grief all too well. What I discuss in this 11-minute video might be a new perspective on why we don’t hear from people during bereavement and even why some relationships may fall by the wayside. This simple mindset adjustment could take the bite out of behavior you interpreted as uncaring or hurtful. I hope it’s helpful. I also have some exciting news for you.

Exciting News about Afterlife TV!

In a recent survey, 92 percent of you said you’d like to see me return to video. I, too, like the idea, so I’ve decided to reboot Afterlife TV. I used to offer Afterlife TV for a set number of weekly episodes (seasons), but this time, I will provide episodes all year round on a predetermined schedule (probably every four to six weeks).

It will take some time to update my software, learn all the new features, plan the episodes, and then record and edit them. But the new schedule will begin once I’ve had time to accomplish all this.

Naturally, like every other human being, I only have a limited number of hours each week. Since Afterlife TV episodes take a lot of time to create (planning, recording, and editing), and since my week is already filled with writing and editing two articles per week and other work I do, I’ve decided that the Free Friday articles must go. This means that the free content I offer from this point on will return to video, which is why many of you followed me in the first place.

Subsequently, the next time free subscribers get an email from me, it will be to announce the new Afterlife TV video. On that note, you will no longer be sent previews of my Tuesday articles either. If you’re interested in upgrading to read these ongoing Tuesday articles, click on the button below.

No Changes for Paid Subscribers

If you’re a Paid Subscriber, nothing is changing regarding your subscription. The Tuesday articles about life after death will continue as always. As you know, paid subscribers of Bob Olson Connect get to read these articles about the afterlife with the ability to comment, ask questions, and listen to audio. None of this is changing.

I’ve realized that writing two articles per week in the way I write them can be draining, even exhausting, at times. Since my paid subscribers value the information I teach in my writing, this decision to end the Free Friday articles also gives me more time to focus on my Tuesday articles.

Thus far, I’ve been writing two articles per week for 37 weeks, and I’ve realized that the articles that people value enough to upgrade to a paid subscription are my afterlife articles, which also happen to be the articles that I’m most passionate about sharing, probably because they help people rather than entertain them.

What’s Added for Paid Subscribers

Paid subscribers will be getting the new videos on Bob Olson Connect, meaning there’s no need to go to Afterlife TV or YouTube to watch them. Even better, every Afterlife TV episode on Bob Olson Connect will include exclusive content for paid subscribers, which means the videos you see there will have extra material for your eyes only.

Video content will be announced by email, so you won’t need to do anything new once this begins.

What You Might Not Know About Bob Olson Connect

In the past 37 weeks, some free subscribers expressed that they were upset that I charge for my Tuesday articles. These emails were often emotionally charged criticisms of me expecting payment in exchange for my time, expertise, experience, and talents. These emails revealed a more significant societal issue around people failing to see value in the work of writers, artists, musicians, and other creatives. I want to believe this is the viewpoint of a small segment of our society, but it exists nonetheless.

Most of my subscribers understand the work that goes into writing, but for anyone who doesn’t, I will give you an inside look as to why I offer a paid subscription. Set aside the value of information, the worth of one’s talent, or the merit of a lifetime of experience investigating any niche subject, let’s focus on time and expense alone.

On the conservative side, I can write and edit most articles in about 16 to 24 hours. Sometimes, this includes the time required to edit. Sometimes, editing adds more time to the process. Plus, brainstorming, choosing, and planning every article adds more time that is difficult to estimate.

I also have expenses. I have three editors who read every article for proofreading and content suggestions. These are editors who charge me an hourly fee. Paying these people adds time and expense to my writing, but I feel that it’s time and money well spent. You might think three editors are overkill, but each one always helps improve every article. We’ve all read writing that wasn’t edited, so probably enough said.

Final Thoughts

I must add that I get immense fulfillment in sharing what I’ve learned over the past two and a half decades with Bob Olson Connect members. I also love interacting with the growing community. The stories shared in the comment section add to my articles, and the camaraderie among like-minded people is uplifting. I hope these adjustments to my work schedule will allow me to continue this work I love doing. For those of you who have supported this endeavor—both free and paid subscribers—you have my gratitude and admiration.

You have my love,

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Bob Olson is the host of Afterlife TV, author of two books, Answers About The Afterlife and The Magic Mala, and creator of the reputable directory of psychics and mediums, His newest venture is Bob Olson Connect, where you can read Bob’s articles before they become books.

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Bob Olson Connect is like an in-depth course on life after death, now with over 70 articles. People say the content comforts their grief and makes them feel more at peace and hopeful about life.

Bob Olson Connect: Afterlife Investigator
Bob Olson Connect: Afterlife Investigator
Bob Olson