Bob, once again, you have reached me and connected with me directly, as if you were talking to me about some thing that was on my mind. It’s way too much to go into, it’s a complex issue. Although I’m going to try and briefly state that here. A friend of mine and myself were talking about life in general, and how the universe works and all of that. We were at the point where we felt we were very spiritually minded, and doing everything we could to learn to live a good balanced life. But we would get frustrated at things when we really had to make a big stink to resolved issues. That sort of approach never felt spiritual. The energy around making a stink to make change--the energy did not feel right. I always knew something deep down needed adjusting inside of me. Enter the book you suggested: The Mindful Body, by Ellen J. Langer. I originally picked it up because I had some ongoing physical issues. But the book blew my mind to put it mildly. And I’m only a few chapters in but me and my friend are really resonating with everything this woman has to say and it has nothing to do with any medical problems or healing at this point in the book. I can’t wait to finish the book and start employing the ideas and inspiration of had from it. I can’t thank you enough.

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Bob, this is fantastic. I have talked to the child Jubel for over 30 years through two different people so I’m 30 years apart and find that interesting as well as your story here and spoken with Psychics from South Africa to all over the United States. I’ve been a guy and I’ve started several companies have a great family and I’ve talked to two people that have died and come back as your story above says thanks for sharing all this great information. Now 80 still coaching and helping clients. Just finished my story book for my wife of 59 years children and grandchildren. Love ❤️ what you are sharing!

One of my most interesting stories was in South Africa Johannesburg, some 20+ years ago with a white caucasian nurse raised in England that is now a psychic and the witch doctor for a black tribe, as well as on the city council of her white South African Village across the street.

Rene Fritz Jr

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