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What Our Loved Ones in Spirit Want Regarding Our Grieving

Have you extended your grief because you think it honors them? Do you feel guilty when experiencing joy after loss? Do you fear your loved one thinks you replaced them?

Being under the weather this week, I felt gravely uninspired to write my free Friday article. To practice self-care and avoid getting sicker, I thought about how we honor others when we honor ourselves. Since many people have told me that they love my articles and yet also miss my videos, I thought I’d send this out today.

Last fall, before I decided to focus on writing articles, I created a few videos amidst the beautiful New England foliage that I have yet to share with anyone. This video focuses on bereavement regarding what our deceased loved ones want or expect from us, so I thought I’d share it with you today.

It answers such questions as: How long does my loved one expect me to grieve? Should I feel guilty when I feel joy after loss? And, does my loved one in spirit (human or pet) feel I’m replacing them if I have another child, adopt another pet, or fall in love again?

I hope you enjoy the content and the gorgeous autumn leaves falling during the video. And if you like seeing a video now and then, please pass that along or let me know by clicking the like button. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

With love,


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Bob Olson Connect: Afterlife Investigator
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